Eagle Home Mortgage Partners with Dickson Realty,Nevada Real Estate Agency

It was announced a few days ago that Eagle Home Mortgage has partnered with Dickson Realty of Nevada as their preferred lender for its clients.  They have an office in Reno as well as 50 others offices servicing seven western States, including California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

They provide conventional and jumbo loans as well as fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Affairs loan products and much more.  For more information go to Eagle Home Mortgage Partners.

If you or anyone you may know have real estate questions or inquiries in the Montreux, Galena Forest, ArrowCreek, Saddlehorn, St. James or Scotch Pines areas, please contact Louise Simpson by email at louise@montreuxgolf.com or by cell at (775) -750-1901.

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