The key to buying your home is to reign in your emotions and try to concentrate on just a few very important and key elements to accomplish your aim of buying the perfect house that suits you or you and your partner’s needs. When buying the perfect home you need to be sure and know your budget.

For example, if location is more important, then try to find a house that meets your needs in your ideal area. Write a list of your needs and a few small wants that you want and give the list to a real estate, Louise Simpson who you know you can trust. For example, if you need 3 bedrooms and 2 baths but you want a bonus room or a 4th bedroom as a want you can list that as an optional “want” or as a “bonus” on your list. If your real estate agent can find everything you want or need in a home but it’s not in your ideal location, you need to weigh what is more important to you, for example: area, schools, gated,  private, amenities, etc.  Would you rather live a mile or two away from your target neighborhood in the house of your dreams, or in a house that may not have everything you want in your target neighborhood? You need to decide what is more important to you and stick with that:  Buy with your mind and not with your emotions.

c As one of the original investors her history and knowledge of the area is excellent.  Her commitment to Montrêux has never wavered since she became involved and she will do her best for you.