About Louise Simpson, South Reno Real Estate Agent

Louise Simpson, Montreux & South Reno Real Estate Agent

Greetings, I was born in South Africa, and moved to Nevada over 45 years ago. I have resided in the Reno area for the past 40 years,  in Galena Forest Estates. I have been involved with the Montrêux Real Estate Group since its inception in the early 90’s, and was previously the marketing director of the Montrêux Development Group for  eight years and one of the developer real estate agents at the Welcome Center.  Having lived in the area for so long, and believing I could help share the Montrêux area with others,  I joined Dickson Realty. I am happy were I am and would love to help you find a quality, yet affordable home or piece of real estate in Reno or  Montrêux area. Reno living, with its outdoor lifestyle, fresh air, proximity to Lake Tahoe and the Sierras, not to mention Nevada’s tax friendly attitude to businesses, make the area one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. Additionally, Montrêux has spared nothing in its goal to make it the best place to live in town, since quality of life usually takes precedence over everything else.

Please feel free to contact me for a relaxed, no-pressure meeting if you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Reno, Nevada area. I look forward to meeting anyone interested in real estate opportunities, even if you’re uncertain about buying a home. I will listen to your needs and work diligently to find you a home, or steer you in the right home-buying direction. Please call or email me if you have any questions – I really believe I can make a difference in your search for finding or selling a home.

Ms. Louise Natalie Simpson


(775) 750-1901