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Many of us might not know, but one of the oldest spa’s in Nevada is a mere 8 miles down Mount Rose Highway from Montreux and the surrounding area. The road in front of Steamboat was once the Lincoln Highway, the 1st highway built in the United States. It went as far as Chicago.  In 1849 Winnemaca war chief of the Paiute Indians stationed their winter camp along the banks of Steamboat springs.  Indians traveled as far from Mexico to come to Steamboat Springs as it was considered a Sacred Grounds and camp in the foothills of Steamboat Springs. The Indians used the hot springs to cook their pine nuts while in 1849 settles were parboiling entire oxen in the hot springs. The well at the springs was named “Chicken soup” as the water was supposed to have a taste of chicken soup.

James Cameron discovered the Springs in 1859.  A sticky, black goo on the other side of SteamBoat was to be full of gold and silver which brought many miners to the area.  In 1862 Dr Ellis built a 34 bed hospital along with 7 baht houses. He was from Austria and had studied under Sebastian Kneipp a renowned Doctor in Hydrotherapy and practiced healing with herbs.  This was the first hospital in the world outside Austria to apply theses techniques and was considered advanced for the times.  Unfortunately there was a fire and in 1863 the resort was rebuilt as was the hospital.

Mark Twain came often to the springs to soak in the hot tubs as it was thought to help with rheumatism among other ailments. Dr Ellis made a concoction called “The Wake up Jack,” mixture which Mark Twain tried and for 48 hours said his stomach had never had such a scourging and would never take it again even though he felt wonderful after the three day ordeal. Once again the buildings burnt down and now it was owned by a Mr. Cullins who severed his relationship with Dr. Ellis.  In 1873 Mr. Cullin’s fell into the hot springs while building a new bath and died within 7 days as he was boiled alive. His widow sold the springs in 1874.

In 1878 construction of the Steamboat Irrigation Canal began.  A 34 mile long ditch originated above Verdi on the Truckee river to just south of the resort.  It still functions today.  President Ulysses Grant steamed into Virginia City and stopped off at the resort.  Unfortunately an earthquake on December 10th 1900 caused the hot Springs to dry up.  In 1918 Dr. Edna J Carver took possession and drilled new wells resulting in a sprouting 30 ft geyser, ending the dry spell.   The Spa was plagued by fire many times and in 1974 it was placed under the national Historical Register and a marker was placed along US Highway 395 S.  In March of 1996 the spa was reopened to the public and is run by a non-profit organization  – International Community of Christ, Church of the second Advent.

The waters at the Spa have a generous amount of minerals in them.  To mention a few, Silica, Sodium, Lithia and Lithium.  I have personally been many times and really enjoy the warm water and its healing power.  The Spa is located at 16010 S. Virginia street, Reno NV 89521 and the phone number is 775-853-6600.

Dr. Peter Lim, Gynecologic Oncologist puts Reno on the Cutting Edge with Robotic Surgery.

Reno and Renown Regional Medical Center  are proud to have one of the best gynecologic oncologist in the country, at their hospital.  Dr. Peter Lim, Board Certified gynecologic oncologist,  specializes in Pelvic & Minimal Invasive Surgery. In addition to this, Dr. Lim   also specializes in the unique procedure of Da Vinci robotic system. Da Vinci allows him to perform more precise and less invasive procedures to minimize hospital stay for a faster recovery.   Dr. Lim attended medical school at Drexel University College of Medicine and graduated in 1990 having 22 years experience.

On Friday November the 11th 2012, Dr. Lim and his team, who are recognized as one of the nations 5 gynecologic oncology “epicenters” for the da Vinci robotic surgery, which means they train their peers on their specific procedures, preformed a surgery which was watched by over 1,700 doctors who had gathered for the 41st annual American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists Global  Conference on Minimally Invasive Gynecology in Las Vegas.  Lim described what he was doing and why, giving the doctors his personal tips.  This was roughly his 1,000 time that he sat at the computer console and controlled the robotic arms to perform a complex surgery.    The robotic arms are an extension of his own appendages and act just like his fingers. Dime size  incisions are made and the robotic instruments are inserted and then one arm operates a camera, while the other two had tips that Lim control’s to cut, move and replace tissues.

What are the advantages of doing surgery this way?  They make surgery faster, less invasive and causing less pain and scarring, the   body is magnified and the procedure also decreases the risks for complication.  Patients use less painkillers and 80 to 90 percent recover within three to four weeks.  Lim’ said, ” This technology is truly reflective of what Renown stands for…it’s the most cutting edge of surgical techniques.”

Renown has been offering da Vinci robotic surgeries  since 2008, being the first hospital in Northern Nevada to offer this technology.  Earlier this year, the hospital upgraded to a da Vinci SI model, which features an enhanced surgeon console and 3-D capabilities.  This makes it easier for the surgeon to dissect fine tissue and avoid cutting blood vessels.

Contact Information for Dr, Lim:

Address: 75 Pringle Way, Reno, NV 89502

Phone: (775) 327-4673


Once again Reno “The Biggest little city in the World,” puts itself on the map.

In Durham N.C. on September 18th 2012 they won the championship just after 4 seasons against the Pawtucket Red Sox.   A.J. Pollock won the most valuable player award for the Triple-A national championship game and remark that, ”This was a great experience and that the entire team came together to make this happen.” Both Pollock and first baseman Mike Jacobs were called up to the majors by the Diamondbacks.

Aces manger Brett Butler was thrilled to win, this being his first time.   He had won a National League title in 1989 but had never been a part of the last team standing.  The Aces moved from Tucson, Ariz., in 2009.  Stuart Katzoff said,” It is great to have been in business only four years in Reno and already win a championship.”  Stuart Katzoff, is the managing partner who owns the Aces with his father Jerry and Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon. “As old and established as Triple-A is, this is pretty special.  This means everything to us.  We always wanted to provide affordable entertainment in Reno, but affordable family entertainment also means winning and we love to win.  The cherry on top is to win a championship and be part of a great organization that wins.”

Fans welcomed home the players on Wednesday morning.  Archie the team’s mascot, posed with the championship trophies and fans got their shot as well.

Opening Day  2013 will start by the Triple-A championship trophy being officially present to the city of Reno fortunate enough to host the best minor leagues in baseball.  Don’t wait to get your pass… act now.

Reno Aces Baseball Club
Aces Ballpark
250 Evans Avenue
Reno, NV 89501

Phone (775) 334-4700
Fax (775) 334-4701

Reno Discovery Museum for Children

The Reno Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum has had more than 175,000 visitors since it opened last year on September 10 2012.  It is located downtown Reno at 490 South Center Street, in the old Reno City Hall.  They are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays thru Friday, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays 12 to 5 p.m.  Cost is $8 per person and children under 1 are free. On Wednesday after 4 p.m. it is $4 through 2012. Memberships start at $85 for a family.  Their phone number is 775-786-1000 and their website is

The museum is part of the Association of Children’s of Science-Technology Centers, which allows members free reciprocal admission to other centers around the world.  One visitor traveled all the way from Osaka Japan to visit the museum.  Centers must be more than 90 miles away from your home institution but includes places such as the Children’s Museum in San Francisco and the Science and Space Center in Sacramento.  Each have their own policies so do check before you go.

Some of the permanent galleries range in topics from Nevada’s History, to green energy and construction, to the life of Leonardo Da Vinci.  Every- thing is hands on and meant to be explored, manipulated, created and discovered.  The galleries are ever changing and on the weekends the museum offers family classes on topics that range from cookie decorating to DNA extraction.

One interesting fact about Reno is that the Truckee river flows away from the ocean, starting at Lake Tahoe it flows to Pyramid lake and the museum has a 85ft model displaying this. It also has The Cloud Climber which is  three stories tall, has 44 platforms and more than three miles of cable netting.  The Newmont Mining tire at the museum weighs 8,900 pounds and was an actual tire used at the mine one of the world’s largest gold producers.  There are 1,845 stars in the Under the Stars astronomy gallery.

Make your child’s next birthday educational with a party at The Discovery. Each birthday party includes an impressive list of standard features. Members and nonmembers, please call 775-398-5905 for special prices.